I’m not one to follow celebrities, but when they become so damn interesting I really can’t help it. Plus we are in isolation and Elon’s tweets are public so whatever.

This story starts on May 3rd (for me) when Elon became thumb happy and killed some time on Twitter. This guy, I tell you…

I was sold that he is planning something, so I started digging around.

There were some opinions floating around that Elon has gone a little crazy, and that his mental health had been an issue in the past. …

The days of mining Bitcoin on a laptop are dead, unless you’re using something like this, you can’t really compete with the ASIC miners. This is where you can turn to altcoins!

Previous Article on CPU Mining: Mining Monero on RandomX With Your CPU

This article will be going over VerusCoin, also known as VRSC. See the website for the whitepaper and vision documents.

This article will cover the following:

  • Create a VRSC wallet with AtomicDEX
  • CPU mining from your Windows machine
  • Rig Rental Mining

Setting Up A VerusCoin Wallet

There are a couple of options here but I’m going to introduce you to the…

This is just another beginners guide to Bitcoin aimed towards general consumers that wish to adopt in 2020.

This article will cover a lot of information on a top level with external links to explain further.

At the end of this article you will:

  • Know a little history about Bitcoin,
  • Know how to setup a Bitcoin Wallet,
  • Know where to Buy Bitcoin,
  • Be left with a fascination on knowing who Satoshi is.

A lot of people that walk into the crypto world for the first time ask themselves “which company is the most trustworthy to hold my money” and this…

A few months back my interest in blockchain technology grew dramatically and I started mining. I quickly learned that solo mining was like pushing mud up a hill, but then I discovered mining pools which lead to contracts for cloud mining, building GPU rigs for XMR and buying hash power for boosting to minimum withdraw limits.

Started in the Monero space, my introduction was MinerGate, but Reddit will quickly tell you to stay away from Minergate. I stayed with Minergate despite the negative feedback and looked into ramping up my hash power with NiceHash. …

It has been a while since I’ve written something about SEO and there is a good reason for it.

Recent update from Google late October 2019 would have made a few people in SEO - focused completely on link building — raise their eyebrows as they dropped in rankings.

Is link building dead?

Well no, but it doesn’t look like it does a great deal these days. A few websites I’ve been tracking that solely use PBN’s to rank their sites have dropped dramatically; from top 3 to page 2 or page 3. …

This article is aimed at anyone that owns a decent computer at home and wants start earning some crypto from their CPU power.

This tutorial will be super fast and go over creating a Monero wallet on your PC and how to install mining software for converting CPU power into cryptocurrency.

At the end of this article you will:

  • Be your own bank for XMR Tokens
  • Mine XMR Tokens for contributing to Monero Network

Setting Up Monero Wallet

There are a few ways to setup a Monero wallet with the most secure being you download the entire blockchain to your computer, but for this…

This is a subject I’ve dodged for so long and always maintained the mentality that “I’ll never own a home in Australia, the time has passed”. That was 10 years ago and now I am older my mentality has changed, and so have the rules…

New industries are being formed and existing industries are changing thanks to the internet. So why are we still sticking to our old school ways? Well it’s like attempting to buy anything, we like dealing with sales people, but now for the most part we can now deal with project managers, specialists and online platforms…

Image by QuoteInspector

This article is really non-technical and anyone can follow along to start mining Monero coins using a hash rental service and an XMR pool.

I’m going to keep this super basic, let’s dig in…

UPDATE 4th December 2019: This tutorial is now outdated. If you want to mine Monero please visit How To Mine Monero on RandomX.

What Is Nicehash?

A week ago I decided to get back into crypto after discovering Earn and their partnership with Coinbase. In a very short time after, a whole new world opened up to me and what started off as me trying to get free crypto money ended up being an experiment into setting up cloud mining rigs.

In this Article I’m going through every step on how I got started with Coinbase+Earn and I’ll continue to show my discoveries on CPU and GPU mining methods to answer a question a lot of people are searching for…

Is CPU or GPU mining still…

The most important thing when it comes down to your SEO strategy is links. There are a tonne of ways you can obtain links from top authority websites with the most common one being a guest writer for a publication. I’m going to walk you through how you can become an authority in your industry via news publication that are read by millions each day across the world.

When looking for publications to write for you need to have a little understanding on how to write, how to follow instructions and how to write in a professional manner, this means…

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