Warihash Review: New Hash Power Marketplace Tested

A few months back my interest in blockchain technology grew dramatically and I started mining. I quickly learned that solo mining was like pushing mud up a hill, but then I discovered mining pools which lead to contracts for cloud mining, building GPU rigs for XMR and buying hash power for boosting to minimum withdraw limits.

Started in the Monero space, my introduction was MinerGate, but Reddit will quickly tell you to stay away from Minergate. I stayed with Minergate despite the negative feedback and looked into ramping up my hash power with NiceHash. After running it for two months, I realised that the combination of the two isn’t profitable; Nicehash is run by bots that don’t adjust bids according to price and therefore isn’t profitable the majority of the time.

Recently I discovered Warihash on Twitter, a new platform that is ready to compete against Nicehash and MiningRigRentals, so I gave it a test run…

BTC Mining With Warihash.com and Bitcoin.com

Before starting I should mention all these services take BTC as payments.

First thing you need to do is register a mining account on Bitcoin.com which you can find here: https://mining.bitcoin.com/

Once you have your account you will see your Stratum connection in the right hand side of the dashboard.

Please note there are three, one for Bitcoin Core, the other for Bitcoin Cash and the final being a switcher which mines the most profitable coin.

Once you have your account feel free to setup a contract that will keep a consistent hash rate going within your account. It isn’t necessary if you’re pushing your own hash power.

Once your account is setup then it’s time to register for Warihash.

Update: Warihash liked this article and gave me a referal link. REGISTER HERE: https://alpha.warihash.com/register/QqNUSe7CDrC3ko5QFCu6X2

Once you’re in the dashboard you will need to add in the pool by clicking the button Manage Stratum Settings where you can put in the pool links.

It should look something like above… Please note that you should change (your account name) to your bitcoin mining username. You can use X as the password.

Once you have saved this, you’re open to place an order in Warihash.

You can set a maximum hash rate of 150 TH/s with a duration of 24 Hours, which is the order I placed.

Update: Warihash loved this article and informed me that they will be creating long term contracts in the future.

You can see the hash rates in the images below which verified all hash power is coming through.


Warihash is really easy to use. I jumped straight in and knew exactly what I was doing, unlike Nicehash where you need to click around to discover the platform, or watch a Youtube video…

At the time of publication Warihash support:

  • SHA256d for Bitcoin
  • Scrypt for Litecoin
  • Ethash for Ethereum

On top of all that the Warihash team actually listen to feedback, which is amazing in the crypto space mostly filled with ego’s created by accidental wealth.

Support goes a long way in my opinion and something the crypto world needs to work more on is User Experience, which also covers support. The reason why Coinbase are so popular is they make it easy for customers and react to support tickets, despite how much Crypto Twitter hates them.

Just after two days of testing, I’m pretty much sold on Warihash and pulled out all my BTC from Nicehash.

The platform is still very new and there are a couple of bugs in the platform, but as mentioned above, the support is amazing. I reported a bug on their platform and within 30 minutes it was fixed.

If you want to follow the progress of Warihash, I threw some links below. Enjoy and happy mining!

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